Adult Probation Department

Professionalism, Integrity & Public Service

As a dedicated team, we are continuously seeking out ways to enhance the quality of all our programs from pre-sentence to intensive supervision. Our department is accredited by the American Correctional Association.

By taking part in yearly, up-to-date trainings, our staff is provided the necessary knowledge that is needed when providing services to the Common Pleas Court, its offenders, and referring rehabilitative services to our probationers. As a functional component of the Greene County Common Pleas Court, the Greene County Adult Probation Department actively supports the Common Pleas Court to implement the dictates of the General Division Judges and help provide for the public safety of the citizens of Greene County. 
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Within this context, and in accordance with the departmental values of professionalism, integrity, and public service, the Greene County Adult Probation Department has six specific missions:

  1. Provide factual, non-biased information and professional recommendations to the court for sentencing determinations and other judgment actions
  2. Provide accurate, professional court documents to the judges for sentencing determinations and other judgment actions
  3. Provide for public and victim safety through active supervision of sentenced, adult, felony offenders placed on community control
  4. Provide assistance to crime victims due compensation by the monitoring of court-ordered restitution payments by offender placed under departmental supervision
  5. Provide monitoring of individuals progress in court-ordered treatment programs and overall rehabilitation of the offenders placed under departmental supervision; and provide the necessary services to the offender with the goal of reducing the probability of continued criminal behavior on the part of the offender
  6. Provide safe, meaningful community sanctions for appropriate sentenced, adult, felony offenders, in coordination with and support from local and state criminal justice officials /agencies /institution and local community-based support and treatment providers/agency