Kinship care is an alternate living arrangement for a child who cannot remain at home. The child may live with a relative through blood or marriage or with an unrelated person who has a close, supportive relationship with the child (kin).

Kinship care plays an important role in helping a child through a difficult time. To become an approved caregiver, the friend or relative must participate in a home study. This includes a criminal background check, a health assessment (including a TB test), a reference check and a home safety audit.

Greene County Children Services will provide training and support to help the caregiver meet the needs of the child. We will also work to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Relatives may apply for financial and medical assistance for the child from the Greene County Department of Job and Family Services. Kin (unrelated caregivers) may apply only for medical assistance for the child. The Greene County Department of Job and Family Services will decide if the child is eligible for both financial and medical assistance. Greene County Children Services may help with some of the expenses involved in transitioning the child to your home.

Becoming a licensed foster caregiver for Greene County Children Services is an option for either relatives or kin.