Foster & Adopt

A child is waiting. . .

At Greene County Children Services, we know that caring families willing to adopt or provide foster care for children in need are the foundation of our success. Please consider offering a child your love and guidance. The rewards can be limitless, and a permanent family is the greatest gift we can give to a child.

Consider the Advantages

Using Greene County Children Services for adoption or foster care placement can have far-reaching benefits for you and the newest addition to your family.
  • We take the time to determine if the child and prospective family are a good match – a critical element in the success of any adoption or foster care placement.
  • We stay involved during and after the adoption and foster care process to answer your questions and make sure all of your concerns are addressed completely. We have a proven track record of listening and responding to the needs of families we work with.
  • Children remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own Greene County community.
  • Our innovative foster family support network facilitates communication and mentoring among families.
  • Our family-centered services include primary care and family team meetings to help biological and foster families work in partnership to best meet the needs of the child.
  • We collaborate closely with a wide network of organizations, such as the school system and social service agencies, to help families access needed services.
  • The breadth and depth of our support from multiple Greene County Children Services staff members helps ensure a smooth adoption or foster care transition.
For more details about foster care or adoption, please call (937) 562-6600.