Tax Map Department

Tax Map Department
Peggy Middleton, Tax Map Supervisor
Jenny Schulz, Tax Map Technician
69 Greene Street
Xenia, Ohio 45385
Phone: (937) 562-5063

Hours: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Greene County Surveying and Engineering Firms

Location/ Directions:

The building is located behind the Courthouse at the corner of Greene Street and Market Street. There is on street parking available. The office is located off the first floor lobby through the door on the left. 

Standards/ Regulations:

Conveyance Requirements List

Requirements for all Instruments of Conveyance in Greene County, adopted March 2008

Requirements for all instruments of Conveyance in Greene County, proposed January 2023

Survey Records Signatures

Ross Twp. Zoning Amendment

Checklists, Templates, and Samples:

Survey Records:

Instructions for Survey Processing (Flowchart)

Survey Processing Instructions

Checklist for Survey Records

Model Survey Record- Landscape

Model Survey Records- Portrait


Instructions for Deed Processing (Flowchart)

Checklist for Deeds

Record Plans:

Instructions for Record Plans (Flowchart)

Checklist for Record Plans

Model Record Plan

Right of Way Plans and Centerline Plats:

Centerline Plat Example

Scale for Centerline Plat

Right of Way Review Checklist


Documents can be electronically submitted for approval to Survey Review or in person at Greene County Tax Map Department, 69 Greene Street, Xenia, Ohio.

All surveys and survey records shall meet the minimum requirements of the State Board of Registration, the ORC and the latest Conveyance Standards as adopted by Greene County.

All splits must be approved by the Greene County Regional Planning and Coordinating Commission (if the land division is 5.00 acres or less) or the applicable municipal planning commission after approval by the Greene County Engineer’s Office. All splits must have the minimum frontage to be a buildable lot.  

Prior Approvals- All prior legal description approvals (excluding mortgages) email to Survey Review.