Online Catalog

Search for public records and archival materials using our online catalog

This page will help you search our online catalog for public records and archival materials in the Greene County Records Center and Archives' Collections.

What is an online catalog?

An online catalog is a tool for managing and providing online access to public records and archival materials. You can search our online catalog to locate records within our collections. 

You will not find digitized materials in our online catalog; however, some items may have links to digitized materials. Please note that all records within our collection are non-circulating. To view records, visitors can request to view these materials in our reading room. Appointments are not necessary, but they are encouraged. We are happy to fulfill records requests for off-site researchers. Please use the online request form to submit inquiries. Pursuant to the Ohio Public Records Laws, you also may submit a public records request using our online request form.

Our new online catalog is growing daily. Please check back often to search for the most up-to-date records.

Start Your Search

Using the search bar, enter your search terms. You can filter your search using a keyword search, as well as dates. If you are searching for an individual's name or an exact phrase, put the term/phrase in quotes. For example, "Washington Galloway" or "Survey Records." If using this function, note that results such as "Galloway, Washington" or "survey" will not populate.

If you have multiple search terms, you can add a row by clicking the plus (+) icon to the right of the search bar to include the additional terms.

Advanced Search Tips

  • Searches are not case-sensitive.
  • To exclude a term from your search, put a minus (-) sign in front of it. For example, the search "probate" -estate will find materials with the term "probate" but without the word estate.
  • Create advanced searches by clicking the plus (+) icon to add a new line to your search.
  • "Wildcard" symbols question mark (?) and star (*) help return a greater number of relevant results by searching for variant spellings and forms of search terms simultaneously.
    • Question mark (?) replaces a single letter in a search term (e.g. searching wom?n will return both women and woman).
    • Star (*) replaces any number of letters at the end of a search term (e.g. searching guard* will return guards, guardian, guardians, guardianship, and guardianships).
    • Question mark (?) and star (*) may not be used as the first character of a word
    • To use a wildcard in combination with another search term, use the plus (+) icon to create another row and enter each search term in a separate row.
  • If your search returns too many results, you can filter them using the "Filter Results" option on the right side of the results page.

Other Features

  • There are a two features to the right of the title of the record for the general public to use - citation and print. 
    • The citation icon will provide two citation options, which can be copied. These are a quick and simple way to properly cite our records. For more citation styles and options, please visit Citing our Records.
    • The print icon will download a finding aid (PDF) for the selected record or collection, and can be saved or printed for future reference.