Indian Ripple Rd./ Factory Rd.



GRE-CR 36-4.14

This project is to convert the current intersection at Indian Ripple Road and Factory Road to a signalized intersection with turn lanes to improve safety for the travelling public.  



The intersection of Indian Ripple Road and Factory Road is in western Greene County located in Beavercreek Township.  Indian Ripple Road is a free-flowing through street and Factory Road ends at a stop sign while a park access drive is across the intersection.  Beavercreek High School is anticipated on the southeast corner of the Indian Ripple Road and Alpha Bellbrook Road intersection about .75 miles west of the Factory Road intersection.  A steep upward grade exists on the eastern section of Indian Ripple Road.


Crash History:

A total of 22 crashes were reported with the study limits:

  • 36% of the crashes resulted in injuries
  • Angle/ left turn crashes accounted for 68%
  • 8 crashes involved southbound and westbound vehicles
  • Rear-end crashes accounted for 18%


Previous attempts have been made to improve safety conditions at the Indian Ripple Road/ Factory Road intersection, including the following mitigation measures:

  • Stop signs at Factory Road and the park access drive
  • Advanced "stop-sign ahead" warning sign posted on southbound Factory Road
  • Advanced "Intersection ahead" warning signs posted on Indian Ripple Road


It was found that the addition of left-turn lanes on Indian Ripple approaches, increased sight distance, and converting the stop-control to a traffic signal were the best solution.

Indian Ripple and Factory Safety Study

Capture of proposed intersection


Indian Ripple and Factory Funding

The Greene County Engineer secured 90% County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO) Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) federal funding in 2022 to perform a safety study of this intersection.

In January 2023, the Greene County Engineer secured $2.2M County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO) Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding for construction for FY 2028.

In October 2022, the Greene County Engineer applied for CMAQ funding through the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission.  On March 9, 2023, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) Board of Directors recommended federal transportation funds for this project thru the Statewide Congestion Mitigation/ Air Quality (CMAQ) program.  In accordance with the Statewide Statewide CMAQ Policy, projects recommended for CMAQ funding by the MVRPC's Board of Director's will subsequently be submitted to the Statewide CMAQ Committee for final consideration for funding during the next solicitation cycle.