Youth Programs

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We are committed to offering programs that help youth develop better social skills, become leaders, gain greater knowledge of themselves, and foster lifelong relationships.  

"YouthMOVE" are in-person activities and events organized for youth ages 12 to 18. This program is driven by our core belief that youth should have input and deserve to be heard. Our local chapter is committed to raising awareness regarding youth issues and reducing stigma, taking an active role in the community and networking with other youth, developing leadership skills through empowerment and involvement, and advocating youth to drive system change. 

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If you are interested please contact (937) 562-5600.

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"Why Try" (COMING SOON) are in-person 10-week classes for youth of all ages. These classes change students from being unmotivated to engaged, from failing to graduating, from feeling hopeless to becoming resilient. It also teaches ten metaphors of important life skills that are reinforced through relevant music, videos, learning activities, and journals. Currently these "Why Try" classes are being offered free of charge. (See link below for flyer.)