Rehabilitation Services

Therapy Services

Greenewood Manor offers a variety of therapy services to help residents reach their maximum potential.  Our therapy services are currently provided in-house by Absolute Rehabilitation:
  • Physical - Therapists focus on a wide variety of treatment techniques such as individual therapy exercise programs, gait training, resistive training, balance training, thermal agents, massage and manual therapy. Other physical therapy services include post-operative orthopedics, chronic and acute pain management, neurological / balance Impairment, musculoskeletal injury, walker / cane and crutch fitting / training.
  • Occupational - Therapists focus on independence, self-reliance, and achieving maximum potential through self care training, upper extremity dysfunction, splinting, wheelchair seating, and equipment modification.
  • Speech - Therapists provide a variety of patient specific treatment programs with speech / language, cognitive linguistic and swallowing disorders.

Restorative Aide Program

We also offer a restorative program to help residents maintain their level of functioning after completion of skilled therapy programs. Specially trained Restorative Aides are a part of the Greenewood Manor nursing staff and provide individualized exercise and ambulation programs.