Ohio law directs the Greene County Coroner's Office to determine the cause, mode, and manner of death in all coroners' cases from both a medical and legal perspective.

The Greene County Coroner's Office strives to provide the residents of our county with the highest quality death investigations. This is performed with sensitivity and support for the family and friends of the deceased. The Greene County Coroner's Office utilizes the latest advances in forensic technology.
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The Coroner

Dr. Kevin Sharrett has served Greene County as Coroner since 1997. Dr. Sharrett is a 1991 graduate of the Wright State University School of Medicine and also has a family practice in Jamestown.

The Greene County Coroner's Office is honored to be certified by the National Association of Medical Examiners for Excellence in Death Investigation. The Greene County Coroner's Office is one of a few counties in the State of Ohio to be awarded this high honor. The highly qualified staff is on call 24 hours per day to investigate deaths when they occur.

What cases are considered Coroners Cases

Ohio Law requires the county coroner to investigate the circumstances and determine the cause, mode, and manor of the death. When a person dies under any of these situations the death must be reported to the coroners office to determine what the procedure will be.
  • Accidents: Auto, fire, weather related, falls, choking, drug overdose or drowning.
  • Sudden death, when a person is in apparent good health.
  • Not under the care of a physician.
  • Suspicious, unusual or unexplained.
  • The result of violence such as gunshot or stabbing.
  • Unlawful or due to criminal neglect.
  • Suicide, suspected or known.
  • Occupational; death that occurs at work or as a result of a hazard at work, past or present.
  • Infants or children.
  • Anyone that is pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital emergency room.
  • Therapeutic Death: under anesthesia, following a procedure, or after administration of a drug or vaccine.
  • Any death that has occurred while in jail, confinement or custody.
  • Medical Malpractice: Suspected medical malpractice or poor medical/surgical care.
  • Abortions: Any maternal of infant death where there is a suspicion of illegal interference by unethical or unqualified or self induction.
  • Delayed Death: The injury may have occurred weeks, months, or years before the death.
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The Greene County Coroner’s Office has been accredited by the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) since 2000. We are one of only four Coroner’s Offices in Ohio to be accredited. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment.