A conservatorship is a voluntary action in the probate court undertaken by an adult who wishes to have assistance in managing their person or estate, but with oversight by the Probate Court. The petitioner for a conservatorship is an adult who is mentally competent, but physically infirm. The petitioner must be a current resident of Greene County, Ohio. A conservator is chosen by the petitioner, but subject to the Court’s approval. A conservatorship may be terminated by the petitioner at any time, after approval by the Court.
The Deputy Clerks in Probate Court are prohibited by law from giving advice.

Conservator Selection

A conservatorship is based on the consent of the person for whom the conservatorship is to benefit. Thus, the conservatee decides who will serve as conservator, and what property and powers of the conservatee will be included in the conservatorship. In addition the conservatee decides which of the guardianship duties and procedures the conservator follows and the court enforces.