Government Entity Reports

Special Assessments

  • Each year political subdivisions have an opportunity to certify special assessment projects to the county auditor to be placed on the Tax Duplicate
  • The certifications must be filed prior to the second Monday in September
  • Political subdivisions can certify delinquent water and sewer bills, weed mowing, or demolition throughout the year
  • For further instructions on special assessment please follow the link or contact the auditor's office at (937) 562-5065

Exemption Application

  • If a subdivision acquired a new property or has new construction on existing property, a tax exemption application must be filled out
  • Fill out the appropriate form and submit to the county auditor in triplicate for a real property exemption

Tax Distribution

  • Tax distribution breakout for the various levies throughout the county
  • Money distribution will not reflect subdivisions present in other counties