Agency Adoption


  1. Checklist for Initial Filing of Agency Adoption (PDF)
  2. Checklist for Initial Filing of Children Services Adoption (PDF)
  3. 18.0 Petition for Adoption of Minor (PDF)
  4. 18.1 Judgment Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice (PDF)
  5. 18.2 Notice of Hearing on Petition for Adoption (PDF)
  6. 18.3 Consent to Adoption (PDF)
  7. 18.4 Judgment Entry Finding Consent Not Required (PDF)
  8. 18.5 Interlocutory Order (PDF)
  9. 18.6 Final Decree of Adoption After Interlocutory (PDF)
  10. 18.7 Final Decree of Adoption Without Interlocutory (PDF)
  11. 18.8 Adoption Certificate for Parents (PDF)
  12. 18.9 Petitioners Account (PDF)
  13. Application for Search of Ohio Putative Father Registry (PDF)
  14. Child Abuse Registry - Central Ohio (PDF)
  15. Child Abuse Registry - Instructions on How to Obtain (PDF)
  16. GC Form 11.2-A Request for Recording of Hearing (PDF)
  17. GC FORM 53.3-A Application to Appear by Videoconference (PDF)
  18. GC FORM 53.3-B Entry Regarding Appearance by Videoconference (PDF)
  19. GC Form 75.1 Self-Representation Acknowledgment (PDF)
  20. GC FORM 57.4-A Fax and Email Filing Cover Page (PDF)
  21. GC Form 75.3-A Contact Information Form (PDF)
  22. GC Form 103.1 Statement of Adopted Person (PDF)
  23. GC Form 103.2 Order Appointing Assessor (PDF)
  24. GC Form 103.5 Notice of Publication (PDF)
  25. GC Form 106.2-A Praecipe for Subpoena (PDF)
  26. GC Form 106.2-B Subpoena (PDF)
  27. GC Form 106.2-C Subpoena Duces Tecum (PDF)
  28. GC Form 106.2-G Motion to Appoint Process Server (PDF)
  29. GC Form 106.2-H Order Regarding Appointment of Process Server (PDF)
  30. ODHS Placement-Adoption Related Expenditures Summary (PDF)
  31. Ohio Vital Statistics Certificate of Adoption (PDF)