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Report a Dead Deer/Animal in County Road

  1. Report a Dead Deer on Greene County Road

    Please Note:

    Call 911 to report any large animal carcass in the travel lane of a roadway that may create an urgent traffic safety hazard or could cause a crash.

  2. Provide the exact location where the dead animal is located including road name and address.
  3. Is the deer in the right-of-way*
  4. Policy: The Greene County Engineer will only remove large wildlife animal carcasses (i.e. deer, bear, etc.) that are located in the travel lane of the roadway of county roads and pose a safety hazard. We generally, do not pick up animal carcasses on the shoulder of the road or in front yards. If the large animal carcass is in the road right of way but not in the line of travel, will generally will leave the animal in place or move it to a nearly grassy or wooded area(still in the right of way), where nature takes its course on the carcasses. Scavengers, insects, and bacteria will make short work of it. If needed, crews will apply lime to the carcass to help it decompose faster and reduce/minimize the odors, especially in the summer. 
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